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"Grupperne rejser til både Amerika og Frankrig."

Translation:The groups travel to both America and France.

June 1, 2015



Difference between både and begge?


'begge' indicates two ''related'' entities - so 'both (specific, pre-known) two', rather than 'both this, AND this!'. If you're asking a friend with divorced parents what they're doing on Christmas: 'Skal du besøge begge dine forældre?' ('Are you visiting both your parents?'). However, if you've just described your holiday plans, someone might have to ask: 'Skal du både til Rom og Berlin?!'('Are you going to both Rome and Berlin?!')


Thank you, good explanation!


How do you say "The Americas"? Would "Amerika" work too?


Mostly, yes. Us Europeans rarely make a difference there and we usually call everything collectively "Amerika". If you want to travel to both North and South America, you just say so: "til både Nord- og Sydamerika"


Nu har grupperne COVID-19!!!

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