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Help with Norwegian plurals

Hello everyone,

I did the indefinite plurals skill a while ago, but I'm unsure about a few things

Here are my questions: 1) How do single - syllable masculine and feminine nouns pluralise? 2)How to multi - syllable neuter nouns pluralise? 3)How can you tell the difference between a singular, single - syllable neuter noun and plural, single - syllable noun?

Thank you for your help! Mange takk!

June 1, 2015




The vast majority of masculine and feminine nouns (of any length) pluralize with an -er ending, but there are a few exceptions. For example, "ting" meaning "thing" is a masculine noun that does not change at all in the indefinite plural.

Truly multiple syllable neuter nouns (ones that are not compound words) are relatively uncommon, but "vindu" meaning "window" would be a good example. Most people pluralize it with an -er ending, "vinduer," but "vindu" is also acceptable as a plural.

As far as telling the difference between "hus" and "hus" (singular and plural), you cannot tell the difference out of context. But usually the words around it will give it away. This is a lesson for further down the tree, but -e endings on adjectives (possessive or otherwise) usually point to a plural. For example, "mine hus" means "my houses," and "mitt hus" means "my house."

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Med vennlig hilsen,



Thank you so much! This just cleared things up for me!


No worries :D


I'm having trouble figuring out the plural of ansiktsuttrykk. I've been finding it's the same as the singular. How do I tell when a word has the same spelling for plural as it has for singular?


If you say "flere vindu" as is suggested, people will think you are at least 80 years old, and probably come from a very bourgeois background... :) Stick to et vindu - flere vinduer.

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