"I do not have a sister."

Translation:Я не маю сестру.

June 1, 2015

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I grew up speaking Ukrainian as a second-generation immigrant - growing up we used to say "Я не маю _" instead of "У мене немає ___". I am curious as to whether or not this is correct. Keep in mind my family immigrated from a rural area in Western Ukraine in the 1940s so this may be outdated, but is it incorrect? Is that passive way of declaring possession the only correct way?


Both of this forms are used in a modern Ukranian interchangeably :)


Дякую! Я так і думав. :)


Do certain regions use one more than the other?


I don't have any actual information on that, but "у мене є" is the same as Russian "у меня есть". The form "я имею" isn't very common in modern Russian. So I suppose that people influenced by Russian would rather use "у мене є"


In such case, you'd say я не маю сестрУ, right?


No, wrong. In this pattern you always use Genitive. If you use Accusative, you imply that you really DO something to your sister (spoiler: the word маю may sometimes mean sexual relationship, though it is more common in Russian)


How would you say "I do not have sisters." ? Just curious about the declination of sisters in this case.


Я не маю (кого?) сестер

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