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Improvements Thread

Ok guys I know everyone has ideas for improvements to the site, lessons and other stuff. So instead of people posting multiple threads about what they think should be improved I thought I would make a big thread that people can post in.

Basically this thread is for posting your ideas on improvements whether you think something should be added to improve lessons or the layout. DO NOT mention more languages as you all should know the tools are being distributed on the 9th of october.

If it is a suggestion for store items post in this thread: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/886430

Here are my suggestions:

On typing questions when you get the answer correct it should show other solutions to that phrase.

There should be a more visible FAQ or sticky the FAQ thread so people stop posting about what the max level is etc, etc.

On image questions remove all clues and remove the multiple choice image questions as they are too simple and require no memory input

September 30, 2013



This is not the first time that a thread starts for putting in good ideas. Instead of making a new list of old items, it should be better to focus on items that can be done by the users. The users will add more languages to Duolingo, it should also be possible that the users can write add ins for duolingo, like a vocabulary tester. The users of Duolingo can also make: - a FAQ list - a glossary - a how to do list - give the reason by a fault answer - a grammar section - a introduction to Duolingo - a list of other programs that can help with the language study, with a description of the program - a list of possible improvements, but not in a thread, but in a database system, where users can vote for a improvement, where you can see of the idea is accepted and if it will be (or not ) be implemented

The programmers should use their time for incorporating this possibilities, and the users can take a lot of work out of the hands of the programmers.


The site as it is now is "perfect" (at least for me). What bothers me is the app (android). It would be wonderful if I could selectively download lessons (for practice purposes) or some kind of offline general practice, as I can't surf through my smartphone using GSM and I often find myself without any internet connection.


1) Better audio, with a higher bitrate and clearer pronunciation. 2) New suits (and no, not just two or three more). 3) Trade-specific skills (plumber, network engineer, dentist, electrician, pharmacist, etc). 4) Themes / skins for the app itself. 5) Group challenges / games (timed and untimed). 6) More detailed / comprehensive user profiles (include more than just a 150 character textbox with a profile pic). 7) A news-feed ticker to track latest events (Carlos achieved Level 17 in English, Most Popular Topics, New in the Lingot Store, etc.

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