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Esperanto Improvement Suggestions

I made this discussion so that the Esperanto/English Course Moderators will be able to see how to improve their course with ideas from the Duolingo community. Any suggestions?

June 1, 2015



They're going to extend the tree at some point, they actually shortened it in order to get the course out sooner (THANK GOD). And I'm not sure they have all the verb tenses included, I'll have to finish the course before I can be sure.


all they can do (and they do it) is to correct the mistakes of the course. The rest are limitations of duolingo and probably very difficult to change.


Perhaps it might be possible one day to add voice to the remaining mute sentences. Possibly a different voice (I wish to emphasize that the first voice is absolutely perfect!) just for the contrast. Maybe a woman with a totally different native language so that her Esperanto accent would be a bit different, and have her record (some of) the sentences that don't have a voice. (This is in no way a criticism of the course as it stands, simply a suggestion for a possible future improvement/enhancement.)


I suggest that they add some listening and speaking drills, if possible.

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