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Sound not working in Safari

For the last several days, I'm getting a message that sound won't work in my browser (Safari 6.2.6). I've tried logging out and in again, restarting my computer, rebooting - all the usual stuff, but to no avail. It does work in Google Chrome (which I don't want to use) and Firefox, but I prefer Safari. Any ideas what's wrong and when this might be fixed?

June 1, 2015



Thank you. That solved the problem. I updated Adobe Flash Player, as it suggested, and that solved the problem.


great. good to hear


Well, the same thing happened to me but it fixed itself a little later. Give it a little time and then report it.


Sound almost never works for me, I use Safari. If i want to hear a word I use the app on my phone or look it up somewhere else.

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