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WTF is up with the new XP rationing system?

I always repeat lessons and practice the skills again and again in order to actually remember what i've learned.

Usually I would simply get 10xp per repeated lesson or practice unit done. Now i've been getting like 3xp or 4xp for these and it's annoying since practicing is pretty much 80% of actually learning a language.

Anyone knows what's up?

June 1, 2015



Since some school students have been reviewing the first few lessons repeatedly and gaining free XP that way, the system now gives you points based on the strength of the words in a given skill which varies from about 3-10. It's been this way for several months now.


Not sure it's only due to school students. ;)
I understood it was that it statistically gives better results in the learning process (one explanation for this result is that users will naturally works more the skills they are the less good at), so Duo did implement it after the A/B test on it.


But i repeat the last lesson i took. Duolingo has a horrible inclination to immediately give a full strength ranking to words you've literally just learned in the last lesson. That is ridiculous, since - and especially on large scale lessons where a skill has 9 units with over 40 words total - you obviously do not remember all those words so quickly.

I take a skill and repeat the lessons in it and then do some skill strengthening practice just to get the foundations of this skills properly built. Giving it a full-strength level before this process is pretty redundant.

Also - notice that all of my skills are currently, and almost always at 100% strength, and so it is pretty much to anyone who practices daily. The only ones i should strengthen now are maybe like 2 very beginner skills which i completely know and repeating them would be pointless since they pretty much come up naturally on almost every question due to their fundamental nature.

Oh well - I'll just work around it i guess.



Saying it once is probably enough. ;)

Surely, Duo can/should better the algorithm and I'm pretty sure they're working on it. The tree could also be made bigger (with more words taught etc.) and it'll be one day (the sooner the better).

But, like most of the programs (like Anki or Mnemosyne-project) making you work on your memory, they're making you work on the word you know the less/didn't strengthened for the longer time. If you know a word/grammatical construction/... today, there is more chance that you'll know it 10min or 3hours later than something you saw 2weeks ago for the last time.


So don't repeat the last lesson you took.


You don't get much XP, but your still learning right? That's what we all want.


yup, was just wondering why it's changed and had to adjust myself. I still go about a minimum of 3 lessons/practice units a day. Wanted that XP though :-).

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