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  5. "You can decide what we eat."

"You can decide what we eat."

Translation:Du kan bestemme hva vi spiser.

June 1, 2015



why does "bestemme" not need a "deg" in this sentence. Can someone explain me the rule when "bestemme" needs "meg,deg,...." and when they don't?


The reflexive version, "å bestemme seg", can be translated as "to make up one's mind". So if the sentence was "Han bestemte seg for hva han skulle spise", it implies that he needed a bit of time to make up his mind, while "Han bestemte hva han skulle spise" means that he was more decisive.

The sentence above is asking somebody to make a desicion for you, so you want them to be decisive. :)


thanks, that was a good explaining. :) so that means, when the sentence would be: "you can decide what we are going to eat in 5 days in the restaurant." Then i could use "a bestemme seg"?


Well, you still want whomever you ask to be decisive, so I'd use "Du kan bestemme hva vi skal spise [...]". However, if a couple of days pass and you want an answer, you can ask "Har du bestemt deg ennå?" :)


ok, thanks. i think i get a feeling for it now. :)


Interestingly, the mouseover hint gives "bestemme dere" as the best translation, but this is then marked as wrong.


When do we use hva and when do we use det to mean "what"?


I would also like to have a little help understanding this.


Why is "Du kan bestemme hva vi spise." not acceptable? As you are still deciding what to eat, an infinitive verb seems equal if not better in use or would that require skal?


Yes, the infinitive would only be used if there was a modal in front of it.


Which means what? Can you give an example?


For example, "Du kan bestemme hva vi SKAL spise."


There is a lesson in this course all about modals if you are looking for more examples


Would "Du kan avgjøre hva vi spiser" be correct?


Why can't I say "Du kan bestemme hva spiser vi"? Getting a bit confused with the correct location of the verb here..


The main verb in this sentence is "kan". The phrase "hva vi spiser" describes the object — the thing being chosen. Your example would translate into something like "you can choose what do we eat".

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