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New words while practicing


I've been learning Spanish for about 6 months and occasionally duolingo throws in a new word while I'm just practicing my vocabulary.

I assume this is to open new sentences for me to practice and generally it's rare enough to be fine. However, twice in the past weeks I've been given ~6 new words in a single practice session of 20 questions.

It's demoralising to be practicing words I don't feel comfortable with and then be overloaded with new words. Is it possible to limit the new words included in practice session to 1 per session?

December 26, 2012


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We don't intend on adding new words to your vocabulary during practice. Can you send me some screenshots when it says it's introducing new words to you?


Cheers, if I see it happen again I'll take a screenshot.

If it helps, you can see words in my vocab list from skills I haven't reached yet - hablando, radio, serĂ¡n, seremos, Ă©ramos, bien, van, expresa, se, etc.


I have a similar experience in Italian. I have sent a screenshot via Feedback. Though it is a minor one, word that haven't yet occurred in lessons appear in practice.


This just happened to me last night. More than half of my practice session questions gave me new words. It was the first time it happened to me, so I didn't know to grab a screen shot but will if it happens again. If it helps, I was on the mobile app at the time. Just got on to the website through my laptop and the words now show up in my vocabulary. Hope you can solve the problem, the demoralizing description above is a pretty accurate description! Thanks!


Hi bren, I just got a new word while doing a global practice. Here's a screenshot - http://yob.id.au/muy.png


Hi Bren, here's another one that happened today.


This is frustrating. There's so many words in my vocabulary that I haven't recently practiced I'd really love to see them come up in practice instead of new words.


.. and another one that happened in the same practice session as siempre.



... and 2 more words in the the same practice session - that makes 4 words in 20 questions.



I've had the same problem often. It seems to me like more new words appear in practices when I get closer to having full gold bars on all my words.


The same thing happened to me. I was practicing my vocabulary and it threw in a word I didn't know. Fortunately, it was only one word and it wasn't a difficult one, but, I can't imagine having six new words thrown in during the practice session.


Was there ever any resolution on this issue? Haven't seen it happen recently. Was it a bug?

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Yep, it was a bug and we fixed it.


I was practicing 'Food' category in French today today and I got both negative sentences and past tense. I have only completed: basics, basics 2, food, animals, phrases, and started on adjectives.


I think I figured it out. I have been getting new, seeming random words and tenses because I tried to help in translating some articles. Not the best for me to get new words at this stage =(


This happening again - 5 or so new words in practice. Can it be fixed please?

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