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when to use the "soft sound" character?

Are there general rules for when to use ь? I continue to never hear it and therefore can't spell it.

June 1, 2015



The rules say that you have to use it after д, т, з, с, ц, л, н when they are soft. So you need to hear that a consonant is soft in order to spell a word correctly. Common "places" for soft sign are:

  • suffixes ськ, зьк, цьк - український (Ukrainian)
  • suffixes -еньк-, -оньк-, -есеньк-, -ісіньк-, -юсіньк- - малесенький (tiny)
  • in verbs that end in ться - збирається (getting ready, going to)
  • in verbs before ся - станься (imperative of happen)

Soft sign can never be put

  • after б, п, в, м, ф, р, ж, ч, ш, щ
  • between doubled consonants - волосся (hair)


Thank you Vinnfred/Mirka. Where did you get this? From within the course? Could you post a link to it?


Thank you. Some lite reading for me :).

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