"Корова і свиня"

Translation:A cow and a pig

June 1, 2015

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"свиня" (svinja) in croatian language also "svinja"


In English it's 'swine' and In Sanskrit it's 'svarn'


Is "скот" used in Ukrainian, or is it archaic? I know it from the Belarusian poem "Не быц скотам". I've met a Ukrainian who knew the word, but I wonder if it's actually used.


Скот or скотина means cattle (not just cows, but also steers, bulls, and oxen). The more official term for that is "велика рогата худоба" (big horned livestock). "Скотина" (and other words of the same root) is also often used as a derogatory term


No, it is not, it's a word from either Russian or Belarusian and as such it might be used in some regions of Ukraine. In Ukrainian the proper term is худóба. UPD: I've looked in a dictionary, and in fact it does list скот among other synonyms, but худоба is definitely a correct term.


Скот (< Proto-Slavic (s)kъptъ) is a pan-Slavic word from Indo-European origin - it doesn't belong to any particular language. Originally it meant a "head of cattle" and is related to the English 'head' / German 'haupt'. It may also be related through an ablaut with the verb коуповати "to buy, purchase goods"


Is 'Cвиня' cognate with the English word 'Swine'?


What's the difference between канба and свиня?


I've never heard of канба. Oh, maybe you mean кабан? Кабан is a hog (male pig) or boar (wild pig)


Yes i mixed up the words! Thanks for explaining!

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