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  5. "Dogs are my friends!"

"Dogs are my friends!"

Translation:Собаки - мої друзі!

June 1, 2015



A dog IS man's best friend, after all


Do you ever use є? It seems pretty common in the Diaspora Ukrainian I've grown up hearing, but sentences like "собакі є мої друзі!" and "де є дідо?" aren't accepted as correct here. Is that just not how modern Ukrainian is spoken?


It's sometimes used, but not commonly. In questions it is used a bit more often, than in statements


Thanks! Your clarifications are so helpful.


what's the difference between Пси and Собаки?


I would say there's almost no difference


Vinnfred is correct. I'm Serbian and we also have two words for dog: Pse and Kuche. I think most slavic languages are like that in this regard.


Is мої linked to the first or second noun? In this case they were both plural, but if there was a sentence where one noun was fem and the other masc which "my" do you use? Or does that not even happen?


moî is a possessive adjective to friends; it agrees with number and gender with friends


Wait, why was подруги rejected? I thought it would be a better fit, as it would agree with the feminine gender of собаки.


Собака is masculine. But it doesn't matter. It's not about the gender of a noun, but the gender of a creature. But even this doesn't matter in this case.

Друзі is what you say about a group of people (or other creatures) of any gender. Подруги is about exclusively female group. This sentence is about dogs in general, not about some particular dogs of some particular gender

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