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  5. "Barna spiller innebandy."

"Barna spiller innebandy."

Translation:The children play floorball.

June 1, 2015



I never heard of floorball. I had to do this.


xD takk for søket! I was just about to do that


Floorball is one of the most popular sports among young people in Central and Northern Europe. I used to play it as well as most of my friends.


It's played in Canada and the NE US too. Except we call it floor hockey. Then there's broom ball and field hockey.


I've never heard of "floorball" or "innebandy" either. I knew the sport as "unihockey".

It's basically a kind of hockey you play indoors in a gym with a hollow plastic ball, a plastic stick and indoor sport shoes (in contrast to ice hockey or in-line roller hockey). We used to play unihockey in gym classes at school and it was quite a lot of fun.


I thought: ah yes, indoor hockey. Except it turns out there's this and a number of separate indoor variants of both ice hockey and field hockey...


we just call it hockey in England


Is the a in innebandy meant to sound like æ?


Yes, it's supposed to sound like "bændi". That part of the compound is a quite recent loanword, so it's still close to the English pronunciation.


Bare hyggelig!

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