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  5. "Jeg har ingen smykker."

"Jeg har ingen smykker."

Translation:I have no pieces of jewelry.

June 1, 2015



FYI OFFICIAL GRAMMAR (I found it for me, hope it helps): Ingen, intet, ingenting Ingen is used with common gender and plural nouns, intet with neuter nouns; both can have nominal function. Ingen, intet are often replaced by ikke nogen/noget in spoken Danish. Ingenting is colloquial and more emphatic than intet/ikke noget. ""De har ingen børn/penge. They have no children/money.""Intet nyt er godt nyt. No news is good news.""Jeg mødte ikke nogen (mennesker). I didn’t meet anyone/any people.""Vi har ikke noget at spise. We have nothing to eat."" Ingen har set ham i dag. No one has seen him today.


Could one say "I do not have any jewels", or is "smykker" very specifically pieces of jewellery?


I don't understand the difference between this sentence and "Jeg har ikke smykker."

[deactivated user]

    It's the same as "I have no pieces of jewelry" vs "I don't have pieces of jewelry".

    I'm sure you want an "any" inserted into the second version, in which case the Danish sentence becomes: "Jeg har ikke nogen smykker" = "I don't have any pieces of jewelry"


    that's it, thanks for clarify. I made my own research and I cut-paste it in the thread.

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