"Io sono una donna."

Translation:I am a woman.

December 26, 2012

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Does anyone know why "I am a woman" is "Io sono una donna" but "I am a girl" is "Sono una ragazza".. Why is "io" not used at the beginning of the second one?


Okay, I found this out later - and wanted to leave it in case anyone is wondering the same thing. The pronoun "io" is ambiguous and isn't necessarily needed. "Io sono..." and "Sono..." are the same thing.


the verb "sono" is the form for the first person, so when you say "sono" you are already implying "Io", that is why you can omit it, unless you want to emphasize the subject.


This is accurate...I learned Latin in preparation for my Masters degree and the gender, number, person is located in the verb as carlosbyu has stated. Io is added for emphasis.


The gender is not located in the verb.


my understanding is that using "io" emphasizes the person. In case you want to say something like "Me, I am a woman"


Thanks for clarifying.


It's just like Spanish! You could say "Yo soy..."(I am) or you could omit the "Yo"(I) and say "Soy" which would mean the same thing


Works the same for Spanish and Portuguese. :)


Thanks so much for this. I literally just asked this in another discussion. I was so confused, but this makes sense.


I'm a native Italian doing this course just for fun. In Italian you don't have to express the subject of your sentence, you can omit it. Because verbs have a distinct conjugation that is different for each and every person. So, from the end (conjugation) of the verb, you can infer the subject without mistake! In Italian we sometimes do add it, sometimes we don't. It's mostly a matter of preference and naturalness, fluency while speaking. No set rule on that! Hope this was helpful.


Actually in Italian you don't have to put subjects usually. They are almost always not written. But you'd better know them though!


I didn't mean subjects but pronouns of course! io, tu, lui, lei, noi, voi, loro.


Sono means I am


In italian you can omit the use of the subject,. It is implied


In italian u dont need to say i am.. or io sono u just can say sono


Es el pronombre, en realidad "Io" no debería ponerse porque "Sono" es del verbo ser y estar.


Wish they'd use a font for uppercase I that distinguishes it from a lowercase l.


So, sono una donna and lo sono una donna are same, right? We are just using lo as emphasis ?


It's "io sono una donna" not "Lo sono...." the font is confusing. But yes, "Io sono" and "sono" both mean "I am".


It's so hard to hear what she is saying!


I said "lady" instead of woman, is that not correct?


Lady is Signora, Woman is Donna, they are similar but different words. It depend on the context


i said that the the phase lo sono una donna was i am a women and it rejected it what do i do ?


The first word is Io (capitial i and o). lo (lower case l and o) looks really similiar to "Io" in this font. Are you sure you're using the correct one? (All lower case now:) "io" means I, "lo" is a different word.


does una change to un when talking about a man or boy or do they have the same meaning?


Yes, "un" is "a/an" for masculine nouns and "una" is "a/an" for feminine nouns.


"sono una donna" means the same as "io sono una donna" - this should not be marked incorrect when it is the exact same thing, just no identifying article prior to the conjugation of the verb "to be." "Sono" means "I am."


when do you use un and una?


un and una are indefinite articles, so "a boy" or "a girl" (un with masculine and una with feminine nouns).


What the ?! It says IM AM ONE WOMAN ?!


Un and una are indefinite articles, which means that they can mean "a/an" or "one" depending on the context of the sentence. In this case, it means "I am A woman".


The voice says il, but it the answer is lo. Am i missing something?


I was confused by this but I now realise that the font looks like Lo with a lower case l but it is actually an upper case i in this font so Io is actually io pronounced eeoh


No, the voice said Io, but too fast, looks like il ...


Does "sono" mean "am" or "are" in English?


It means "I am."


I keep typing lo sono una donna but it tells me I'm wrong and won't move on.


The type face/font is confusing causing people to make this mistake all the time. It is "io" not "Lo".


Is it deliberate to say "donna" more slowly than the other words? Is it because of the double letter N?


Yes, double letters lengthen the sound.


Is anyone having Issue's with answer's being marked as incorrect when they are correct? Very frustrating!


I'm curious. Do you do your lessons on a cell phone or a computer and, if you do your lessons on a cell phone, can you see all the comments? There are currently 159 comments on this thread. This question has already been answered many times. The computer does not make mistakes. You are getting your answer marked incorrect because you did not write the correct answer. Most likely you you got the first word wrong by writing "Lo" instead of "Io/io". Let me know if I'm correct.


Well that’s my first laugh of the day in coronovirus lockdown.. My, ‘Io sono una donna’ was clearly spoken by a man. Thanks duo lingo!


Always remember that "una" means "a" and also "one" This also happens in Portuguese and Spanish


Why 'sono una donna ' wasn't accepted?


I wrote i am a women and the answer is correct but it says wrong


You need to compare your answer with the answer Duolingo says is correct. "Una donna" is one woman. "Women" is more than one woman.

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