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"Vi kan dra når festen er over."

Translation:We can leave when the party is over.

June 2, 2015



One of the most discouraging statements of an introverted childhood.


Brings back painful memories u_u


Could you say når festen er ferdig?


This is a mistake a lot of natives struggle with. "Da" is past, something that has already happened. "Når" is future, something that has yet to happen, or somethings that happen multiple times

"Da jeg kom hjem drakk jeg vann"- when I came home I drank water "Når jeg kommer hjem drikker jeg (alltid) vann"-when I come home I (always) drink water "Når jeg kommer hjem skal jeg drikke vann"-when I come home i am going to drink water.

A common rule that you learn in school is: Den gang da, hver gang når


I used the word 'festival'. It wasn't accepted. Would 'fest' have been acceptable?


No, because then you would be saying "when party is over". you need the -en ending to say "the"


And never help taking the trash out

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