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"Ben çantanın içine bakacağım."

Translation:I will look into the bag.

June 2, 2015



Better translations: "I will look in the bag." "I will look inside the bag." Otherwise, the translation "I will look into the bag" is bizarre, unless you're talking about a magic trick or you're "looking into" (idiom) buying a bag.


How can I differentiate between '' your bag, her bag and the bag's" if they end with the same suffix ''nin" ?


You can add "senin" or "onun". Otherwise you can't.


Thank you.
Shouldn't the other two be added as alternative answers then?


Wait. Now that I'm thinking, it can never be "his/her bag", as that would be "çantasının".

Çantanın can only mean "of the bag" or "your bag". Now both are accepted.


well thank you that was useful :)


Hi guys. Why do I hear 'bakıcam' instead of bakacağım? Is it because the person speaks too fast or it's a common speaking?


Common pronunciation, like English speakers saying "gonna" instead of "going to" :-)


this sentence means exactly '' i will look the bag's inside " but i think Çantaya bakacağım is more acceptable


"Çantaya bakacağım" means, "I will look at the bag or "I will look after the bag".


Çantaya bakacağım can also mean I will look inside the bag. In casual speech, we don't need to be so specific. It's understood.


Can you pleas explain how to add the nin & cağim suffix in the given sentence above?


If I want to say "to look for something", for example "I will look for the bag" (which I saw last week), can I use bakmak too, or must I use another verb?


if you want to say it in for example shop, you can use it.

mavi bir şapka bakıyorum ( i am looking for a blue hat)


Thanks for your answer


Why is this not "ben çantada içine bakacağım"? Surely çantada is "in the bag"?


"Ben çantada içine bakacağım" makes no sense. The literal translation of this would be something close to:
"I, in the bag, will look inside"

You are correct that "çantada" means "in the bag" Eg. Q ."Anahtarım nerede"? ("Where is my key"?) A. "Çantada" ("In the bag")

Perhaps this break down will help clarify: "çantanın" ("of the bag") "içine" ("inside/inside of it") "bakacağım" ("I am going to look")

"çanta(da) would never be used with this tense ending baka(cağım). Perhaps one of the forum Mods could help clarify?


I have the same question

I thouht we should use dative case with postposition iç


How is çantanın is translated as 'the bag ' ? Shouldn't it be çantayı (which i am not so sure about to be honest ) ? And in that case çantanın is your bag i am confused here


It's possessive, i.e. the bag's or of the bag. I will look at the bag's interior or I will look inside of the bag


It can be 'your bag'. In order to clarify you may add 'senin'. Please also see the answers above.

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