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"Ili demandas nin pri niaj gepatroj."

Translation:They ask us about our parents.

June 2, 2015



I'm going to accept "nin" is correct.

Part of me wants to "argue" that "They ask [a question] [of] us about our parents".

Of course, without "nin", then one does not know "who" is asking, which is "they".

So I understand, it just seems off a little bit.


After a couple questions past this one, I have considered that perhaps the "n" in "nin" exists, because the action has a direction, which is "toward us".


Yep, you are correct! Respondi is a transitive verb. Asking is the action being directed towards us


I am not sure, but I think that would be an indirect object. The direct object (the one that uses the accusative) answers "what?". What do they ask about? Our parents. That's what I think.


Kiu estas via paĉjo, kaj kion li faras?


Is pri the same as "sobre" in Spanish?

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