"Are you colorblind?"

Translation:Ĉu vi estas kolorblinda?

June 2, 2015

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Can you remind me again the difference between ..Cu vi estas kolorblinda and Cu vi kolorblindas? Thanks


There's no difference whatsoever.


I see, so estas can be just +s . Maybe I keep forgetting one or the other


Just remember "La ĉielo bluas" <--> "La ĉielo estas blua"


I could be wrong, but It seems to me that "Ĉu vi estas kolorblinda" uses color-blind as an adjective (asking if the description is how you are) and "Ĉu vi kolorblindas" uses color-blind as verb (Asking if you /do/ /are doing/ color-blind).


You have a point in grammatical terms (one is an adjective, the other a verb), but the verb is still "to be colorblind", not "to do colorblind", "to colorblind" (which makes no sense whatsoever).

Esperanto allows you to elide "estas" and make an verb out of the adjective, but the meaning of sentence doesn't change as a result: "kolorblindas = estas kolorblinda".


This is the best answer. Too bad the other answers were upvoted and this one was not.

Kolorblindi does indeed mean "to do the action associated with colorblind" (whatever that is.) There's no general rule that says you can "elide estas."


Mi estas komencanto- why is "Cu vi kolorblinda?" wrong? Why is it right when it's "Cu vi estas kolorblinda?"



Your sentence, Ĉu vi kolorblinda? is missing a verb, so it's ungrammatical. Ĉu vi estas kolorblinda? has the verb “estas”, so it's grammatical.


I get asked this question from time to time when I'm not matching.

I answer in a pained expression.

I have a condition called called Daltonism and it effects my vision. There's no cure for it so I'll probably die with it.

That usually shuts them up in a hurry.


Jes ): Mi kolorblindas. Kaj mi ne ludas.


Anyone know of any google keyboard plug-ins to get Esperanto accents?


Gboard (Android) supports Esperanto (unless you have a Huawei phone, screw them). On Windows, I recommend WinCompose. On Mac, the default English keyboard should have Option codes.


Cxu vi estas kolorblindulo?

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