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  5. "Ти їси яблука?"

"Ти їси яблука?"

Translation:Do you eat apples?

June 2, 2015



Is this the accusative form of the plural?


yeah but it's the same in the nominative form of the plural.. яблуко is neuter and the accusative only differs from the nominative if the word is a) a living masculine one -а/-я b) a feminine one -у/-ю c) a living one in plural -ів/-їв/-/-ь an apple doesn't live so it stays the same


The audio is blank for me on this exercise! Especially painful since I'm trying to test out of level four.


For this exercise the report button also does not work, which I've noticed is always the case when the audio is blank.


No, I eat onions now!


I have trouble distinguishing when the sentence is question and when not. Is the lack of tonal inflection just a duo thing, or do native speakers really speak so flatly?

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