"It tastes good."

Translation:Det smaker.

June 2, 2015



What about det smaker bra?

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It is accepted now.


Hi Alexander ,happy Birthday from Inge and me


It says the answer is "Det smaker". What happened to the rest of the sentence?


That's exactly my question! Doesn't "Det smaker" literally mean "it tastes?" What happened to the "good?"


Its strange. Smaker means that it can taste good. You can add 'bra' or 'god' but it isnt normal. If you want to say it tastes bad, you have to add the correct word. Think of smaker more of the word 'Tasty'. Thats how I learnt it!


Why is "Det smaker god" wrong? Is this "god vs. bra" the same thing as "good vs well" in English?


"Det smaker godt" is correct, and much better than "Det smaker bra" og "Det smaker."


I typed Det smaker godt and it was not accepted...


"Det smaker godt." is a correct translation.


it still is det smaker


Why does it say godt? Why not god? Can someone explain this please? Takk


That is the adverb form. You are describing how it tastes.


Det smaker godt /bra.


I see a comment about godt being the adverb form. But that hasn't been covered yet, so can someone explain to me what that (adverb form) is?


Do you mean "What is an adverb"? - If so: an adverb is a POS (part of speech) category, just like noun, verb, adjective etc. It "modifies or qualifies an adjective, verb, or other adverb or a word group, expressing a relation of place, time, circumstance, manner, cause, degree, etc. (e.g., gently, quite, then, there )."

If you ask "How...?", the answer can be an adverb (How did Forrest Gump run? - He ran quickly). Many POS can be turned into another. E.g. simple (adj) --> simplify (verb) --> simply (adverb). In these cases, they are the adjective/verb/adverb form of the same word (hence the "form"). Some have many forms, some have few or only one.

At the time of posting this comment, Adverbs 1 is the final lession of section 5 here. (They appear earlier though)


No. I'm not asking what an adverb is. I'm asking what is adverb form. Like in english we can turn many adjectives into adverbs by adding -ly.

Obviously there's some sort of rule about making something into an adverb based on the comments I've read. Like god adjective becoming godt in this example making it an adverb. But there's been no tips or notes on such things as how an adjective becomes and adverb.

Det smaker godt. How would I know that godt is the adverbial form of god, when all that's been taught so far is god?

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