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"One uses a knife when one eats meat."

Translation:Man bruker en kniv når man spiser kjøtt.

June 2, 2015



My original answer was "Man bruker en kniv når spiser man kjøtt". I thought the verb "spiser" should be in the second part of the secend clause. Can anyone explain why this isn't correct as I'm confused?


What is the distinction between en and man?


"en" means the number one. It is used for either "one thing" or "a thing" (en ting).

"man" means one as a general term for someone. An example would be "One does not simply walk into mordor." This use of "one" replaces a person doing something.

Hope that could help you grasp the differences. ^^;


Can "mens" be used instead of "når" in this sentence, indicating "when" as a duration like "while", as in, the whole time one is eating meat? I tried it but was marked incorrect.


how do you know when to use "da" instead of "når"?


En gang = da, hver gang = når

Hver dag når jeg går til skolen, møter jeg Line. Every day ....

Da jeg gikk til skolen i går, møtte jeg Line. Yesterday ......


But you said in other item the second verb must be before the name and now I wrote and the program writes to me it's bad. I can't understand it then, sometimes yes and anothers not.


somehow the correction is telling me "En bruker kniv,når man spiser kjøtt" is the only correct solution, but in this discussion page it says "Man bruker en kniv ..."

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"Man bruker en kniv, når man spiser kjøtt" is accepted.


That's the answer I gave. But I was under the impression that when using "one" as another way of saying "you," the only correct word would be "man" -- and that "en, et, ei" were used -only- for indefinite articles and the number 1. So that's wrong?

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"en" is also a synonym for "man".


en and man are both possible.

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