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  5. "The cooks have all the fish."

"The cooks have all the fish."

Translation:Kokkene har alle fiskene.

June 2, 2015



Is "fish" here a plural word? Fisken is a single fish, whereas "all the fish" indicates more than one. But "fiskene" was marked incorrect. Thoughts?


Both "Kokkene har alle fiskene." and "Kokkene har all fisken." are accepted. It depends on whether you think about the fish as individual, countable fish or as a collective such as in "people".


fiskene as given in DL's answer is plural: the fish(es).


So "all" is singular and "alle" plural?


Can "Kokkene har alle fiskene" mean "The cooks have all OF the fish" too?


I put fisken first, and it was marked wrong. The next time it rolled around, I put fiskene & it was correct. It seems like it could be either without more context. BTW, I tried to comment on the kokken har boken/ the cook has the book . It is really cool because they both rhyme. Any idea why my comment didn't show? I found a game with rhymes in English & norsk, both. Milkmaid of the Milky Way (PC game) is on Steam. I love learning languages on vidoe games! Thanks Duolingo!

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