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Idea's for languages

Just thought I'd make this post because I'm only fluent in English, but I really want to learn Japanese. There are almost no/ absolutely no Asian languages for English speakers, so I thought I'd make a forum where people can suggest languages, and can make a course if they see a language they know

June 2, 2015



Japanese is (too?) often requested on Duo, but it won't come right now. The course will exist one day, but for now the English course for Japanese speakers is not stable enough for the staff and the staff has to find a solution for the difficulty teaching Japanese represents (part of that, the script).

For now, I think you can find some courses on Memrise, if you don't already know that website :)


@CaitiJB: To complete lazouave's answer, you can see this discussion created by a contributor to the EN<-JP course and this one with some informations about the issues with non latin-script languages.


Addition: YesJapan also has a really popular Japanese course and Demon-Kiyomi has created a Japanese course based on the reverse course (English for Japanese speakers): https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7963862


Any Gaelic speakers out there anywhere? Gaelic, not "Irish." Somewhere, surely?


Do you mean speakers of Scots Gaelic, the form of Gaelic that is spoken in Scotland?


It'd be great to be able to learn Latin. I know that it's not that widely used, being a dead language and all, but still - it's a dream of mine, and I know that many learn Latin in schools - I didn't have that chance, so if someone strong in it, could start a course - that'd be peachy.


Yea. There seems to be a strong bias toward european languages. I'm still waiting for Swahili, Haitian and Antillean French Creole, Papiamentu and Hindi-Urdu.

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