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Flags are overlapping with text in comments by users with ›too many‹ languages.


as more and more languages are hatching from the Incubator, users who are eager to embark them are confronted with a grievous problem, when they write comments:

(I picked this as an especially blatant example.)

Is there any way to fix this?

June 2, 2015



One workaround: Users with this number of flags could take the habit to add extra vertical space in their comment when answering in a 5 or 6 discussion-depth position.


Well, the fix can only be implemented by Duolingo. The easiest one would be simply to add a "more" button or text with a pop-up that shows the other languages or (zooming out), and only displaying maybe a maximum of 10 flags. That way they don't need to waste their time with css fixes.

P.S. You should move this to troubleshooting.


It reminds me to study more and comment less. :)


Oh mon Dieu! Tu n'as pas plus besoin d'étudier!


Indent level... Check! :-p


It doesn't display like that when I view that conversation. Baffled. Sorry about the too many languages.


Sorry about the too many languages.

Haha, what an inconvenience! :-)


Ah, je recontre l'auteur du texte, quel bonheur! Je pense que c'est à cause de mon zoom. Mise à jour: Maintenant ça marche! Votre drapeaux paraissent beaux encore; quelles que soient les raisons…

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