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  5. "Mannen vil forsøke å sove."

"Mannen vil forsøke å sove."

Translation:The man wants to attempt to sleep.

June 2, 2015



Is there a difference between the verbs " å prøve" and " å forsøke" ? I've seen both of them defined as "to try"


å prøve means to try, experiment, rehearse, test while å forsøke means to attempt/try.


Is forsøke really pronounced with an "sh" sound over the sø? I expected it to be more like an "su" (as in sucker) sound.


When the letter r precedes the letter s, it changes the pronunciation to the sound you've described.


Is the the sound of the letter "ø" in Norwegian the same as the schwa sound in English?


It doesn't sound exactly the same (to my ears, at least -- please, correct me if I'm wrong). In fact, the /ø/ sound doesn't exist in English, though you can find it in French and German, for example, in words like "deux" or "Öl". That said, in Norwegian, the schwa (ə) can be found in unstressed syllables, as in the word "mannen". Hope it helps!


Denne er en bra forklaring! Tusen tak!

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