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Why are native speakers doing their own language on Duolingo?

It is a language learning site, but I see a lot of people who are going through the language tree of their mother tongue.

September 30, 2013



1/ When I started here there wasn't English course from French, so I worked my english through the French from English course.
2/ I continue to check and try to help making the French course better.


Without you, aucunLien, Sitesurf and some others I wouldn't have learned as much French as I have - not even close. A big applause and a big THANK YOU to all of you Frenchies who participate in this manner.


This guy Sitesurf is just brilliant at explaining the grammatical nuances!


All three of them have different styles of explaining things. Because of all three of them I've learned more than I could have ever hoped for. FWIW I think Sitesurf is a female.


I started it to check how the system works and because there is no option to learn English from German (what I would like to do), so doing German tree I'm partially learn English


I'm planning to do it just so that I can keep my French in use. I'm natively bilingual in French and English, but I haven't had anybody to really speak French to in over a decade, so it's getting a little rusty. Once I finish my Spanish tree I'll probably go through some French just so I can keep those skills a bit more fresh, and I'll be sure to help people out when they have problems, but one language at a time!


I did it once to check on the level I could reach with Duolingo, and it is pretty good, I have to say. And while I did it, i also spent lots of time pointing out wrong translations xD Soo.. maybe more people should check their own language, so that duolingo improves even more =)

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A lot of people complain that there isn't enough practice translating into the language you're learning. Doing, say, the English-from-French tree (as an English-speaker learning French) should get you a lot more practice in translating from English to French.


In fact you have really good point in here. I might consider doing some exercises of the other way round :)


I've done some Italian -> English lessons and at times it was not easy. But I will say that doing the reverse (I am a native English speaker) helps me understand my language better through a foreigner's eyes.


To test and practice their English and help others learning their native language.


I simply wanted to test Duolingo's quality. And the best way to do so is to take some lessons in one's native language. Duolingo did not disappoint me by the way.


This is a good reason too. Some of the English pronunciations were awful. Hopefully they've been fixed.


My native language is Spanish. However, I have never gone to a Spanish speaking school, and I have lived in English countries most of my life. Sadly I barely practice Spanish even when speaking to my parents. So I am working on that for practice, and to see what I might be missing. I have been stumped with a few Spanish words, I am fairly weak with the placement of my accents, and if nothing else it's like a breath of fresh air to get some of that Spanish exposure.


I am studying Spanish. Native Spanish speakers on the Spanish side are a great help to me. (Babella, Mavry, and Royraju are great examples and there are others.) I go to the English side to "pay forward" the help they give me, to try to help Spanish speakers who are learning English. Also, I sometimes learn about Spanish this way and it's a way to practice my Spanish -- and it really is a challenge to explain English in Spanish!


es verdad, nosotros solemos ayudarte :) como vos a nosotros :)


That's a great point! We can even help Duoling and the students by correcting/improving the lessons.


They want the trophies in some cases.


Even doing the tree of their native language, they still have to use a second language, right? My native language is not on duolingo yet, but I did exercises on the english tree from french and the french tree from english. Gives a different perspective:-) And it is very important to have native speakers on each tree, as they are great helping to correct mistakes on the trees and a wonderful help for those who are learning. Thank you all!


I am so new as to not even be sure what you mean? I speak native english and am learning Spanish and so far have only tried to translate Spanish to English but translating English to Spanish would be even more challenging for me....


Oh wait I understand now. I can give you several reasons. Just because you speak native english does not mean you speak International /Business/Proper English. Look at this Article http://www.fluentin3months.com/speak-like-the-irish and you will see that. Also some like myself have not checked our basics in decades. A brush up is still learning for us:)

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