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"She sees many wolves in the course of a month."

Translation:Hun ser mange ulver i løpet av en måned.

June 2, 2015



What's the difference between én and en here? The question marks both as correct


"én" is the numeral, the same as "one" in English. "en" is the article, the same as "a/an" in English.


I think I'm not supposed to know this yet... just saying ;-) But thanks!


Can someone explain me this frase- I løpet av ( in the course??)


'In the course of' = over the span of time specified (month, week, day etc). For recalling the Norwegian, it helped me to break down the words:

løp = run

et løp = a (running) race

so I always think of it as a person running/moving through time. This might not help you, of course, but it's no more nonsensical than the English conceptualisation of time flowing, like a river, or flying if we mean it's going by quickly. Idioms are weird in any language once you start looking closely at them!


I guess it's just one of those expressions you have to remember. AFAIK you can use it for any time related expression: i løpet av en år, i løpet av en uke, and so on (at least that's how it works in german, we have the same expression: "Im Laufe").


Det går ikke Hvorfor? Hvem kan hjelpe meg. Var så snill.

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