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"She sees many wolves in the course of a month."

Translation:Hun ser mange ulver i løpet av en måned.

June 2, 2015



What's the difference between én and en here? The question marks both as correct

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"én" is the numeral, the same as "one" in English. "en" is the article, the same as "a/an" in English.


I think I'm not supposed to know this yet... just saying ;-) But thanks!


Can someone explain me this frase- I løpet av ( in the course??)


'In the course of' = over the span of time specified (month, week, day etc). For recalling the Norwegian, it helped me to break down the words:

løp = run

et løp = a (running) race

so I always think of it as a person running/moving through time. This might not help you, of course, but it's no more nonsensical than the English conceptualisation of time flowing, like a river, or flying if we mean it's going by quickly. Idioms are weird in any language once you start looking closely at them!


I guess it's just one of those expressions you have to remember. AFAIK you can use it for any time related expression: i løpet av en år, i løpet av en uke, and so on (at least that's how it works in german, we have the same expression: "Im Laufe").


Det går ikke Hvorfor? Hvem kan hjelpe meg. Var så snill.

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