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"Why is there a Swedish telemarketer in my bed?"

Translation:Hvorfor er det en svensk telefonselger i sengen min?

June 2, 2015



That's what happens when you don't listen to the terms & conditions...


I think this sentence will be very useful in the future.


Ah, little Scandinavian problems.


Thanks a lot for this wonderful sentence that made me laugh for several minutes non-stop. Learning a language with hunour - yay!


Hilarious. Splendid. The best sentence in the course so far.


Thank you DL norsk crew


Did they pick them up on a harrytur to Systembolaget?


They're cheaper there. Just remember not to exceed your quota.


Do you probably know where "harry" comes from? Er det eventuelt en sammenheng med den aktuell kongens navn?


In the early 1900s, it was common for working-class families in Norway to give their children English names, and Harry was among the more popular ones.

"Harry" then surfaced as a slang word among the upper-class youth, referring to people of the working class and eventually more loosely to what they saw as vulgar or less sophisticated.

It's gone through a couple of renaissances since then, and is now often seen in the compounds "harrytur" and "harryhandel". It's also a standalone adjective, perhaps most closely translated as "tacky". There are still classist undertones, but I doubt many are aware of the actual etymology or think of it as a particularly problematic term.


He's probably thinking the same about you, the architect...

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