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Duolingo Esperanto Learners

I just saw this Fb group for the Esperanto learners!

[ https://www.facebook.com/groups/duolingo.esperanto.learners/ ]

I don't know it this was posted already, just wanted to share the group if anyone wants to join also, it can be a big help when having problems since people there seemed active.

Additional learning resources mentioned in the group description:

www.lernu.net : multilingual site, includes beginner, intermediate and advanced courses with free individual tutoring, and good grammar explanations

www.kurso.com.br : downloadable free beginner course

June 2, 2015



Hi imtonie,

you'll find here a list of FB groups (including Esperanto one) created by courses' contributors for different courses (all from English for the moment I believe)


thanks, i missed that one.


Is this an official group?

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