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  5. "Det er et slags dyr."

"Det er et slags dyr."

Translation:It is a kind of animal.

June 2, 2015



det er slags dyr - is that ... it is kind of expensive?

or how do you say it is a kind of expense det er et slags dyr


No, "det er slags dyr" means nothing in Danish.

"It is a kind of expense" would translate as, "Den er en slags udgift".


Doesn't udgift mean not married?


Udgift (lit. "out-giving") means "expense" or "spending". Ugift (lit. "un-given") means "not married".


why is (a kind of animals ) considered wrong ??


'Animal' isn't plural here.


Could you explain more about how to determine whether its singular or plural (I mean the word * kind * is singular but i DK about animal


Okay, brevity isn't always key. X3

Dyr can be either singular or plural, as you know. But that doesn't even really matter here because it basically is a collection noun now. You're not talking about an animal or muliple animals, but animals in general. And that's the same way you treat it in English. If you say "a type of [something]", the something isn't singular or plural, technically.

Or, in short again, saying "it's a type of animals" doesn't make much sense in English. :)


OK....thanx for the explanation :) :) But you know i'm not a native english speaker...so it wasn't so different to me


The reading robot thingy is pronouncing "Dyr" with dialect!

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