"For the time being, the electoral campaign is slow."

Translation:Por enquanto, a campanha eleitoral está devagar.

September 30, 2013

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The first answer is wrong: "Por enquanto, a campanha eleitorais é lenta." - EleitoraIS is plural, so it should be: " as campanhas eleitorais são lentas" ou "a campanha eleitoral é lenta".


thanks for your comment. sometimes it's not important to know only that an answer is wrong, by more often than not, one must know why. we won't always be on duolingo where such helpful people are:-D


Por que não é correto — neste momento?


"no momento" is the most common choice, even for "at this moment".


"Para o momento, a campanha eleitoral está devagar" was marked wrong.

Could this not be used as a valid translation for "the time being"?
YankiSalan asked the same question for "neste momento" one year ago.

Why does the system not recognize "For the time being" as a single phrase but tries to hint EVERY single word not putting it together into a useful meaning?


Por enquanto, no momento, ... but not "para o momento".

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    My answer was considered wrong: "Para o tempo atual, a campanha eleitoral está devagar." But if you think about it: "for the time being" is the same that "for the present"; "for now"; "temporarily"; Am I wrong? Could someone explain me, please? I think that when I translate a phrase, I need to understand the meaning of it, no changing the meaning of the phrase. Each person will understand it with your own words.


    I thought devagar essa an adverb. In other words the campaign could go slowly, but not be slowly. I guess I was wrong?


    "devagar" can be an adjective or an adverb.

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      Por enquanto, a campanha eleitoral está devagar." Tanto quanto sei esta errado ,em portugal pelo menos dir-se-ia #''vai devagar" ou entao "esta vagarosa" ou "lenta" Devagar e adverbio nao adjectivo.

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