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  5. "Bir dakikan var."

"Bir dakikan var."

Translation:You have a minute.

June 2, 2015



What makes this (your) minute versus (my) minute?


There is a possessive suffix for telling us whose minute is.

"dakika-n" This letter "n" comes from "seni-n (your) dakika-n" and "dakika-m" This letter "m" comes from "beni-m (my) dakika-m"

We don't have to use "benim" or "senin". The last letter of the noun is enough to tell us whose minute is. Maybe we can use it for emphasising.


How would you say "Do you have a minute?" Or is there another idiomatic way to say that in Turkish?


I am not turkish speaker but I think it might be '' sende bir dakika var mı'' OR ''bir dakikan var mı''


i hear it like that but often, when spoken m & n consonants sound so similar that my friends add either the name of the person, if many, or simply sen.

bir dakikan var mı sen


or maybe: bir dakika var mısın But I am not Turkish either.


i listened to this several times and i swear i hear "dakikaM," not "dakikaN." if we're going to be tested on such fine sound distinctions, they should be clear in the recording.


Same here!

And, I entered "dakikam" and it was marked correct, but the translation says "you" implying I should have written "dakikan"!


"Bir dakikan var." Translation: You have a minute.

Duo did not accept:

You have a moment.

Sounds much nicer.


Was it wrong to say "Bir dakikan varsın"?



Good morning Denisa.

"Bir dakikan var." Translation: You have a minute.

Var - have.


Var mı - Do you have.

Bir dakikan var mı? - Do you have a minute?

Lütfen, bir dakikan var mı? - Please, do you have a minute?

You just forgot to use the question particle - "mı?"

Kind regards.

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