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  5. "Arrivi presto, vero?"

"Arrivi presto, vero?"

Translation:You arrive early, right?

December 26, 2012



The Canadian "eh" is also a great translation in this context, I think.


As far as I know, the auxiliary of a tag question should agree with the verb (&tense) of the preceding sentence. So the correct answer here should be "You arrive soon, don't you?"


I seem to always confuse pronto and presto. Does anyone have a novel way of remembering which is which? Please share it.


:) me too and I think the Brit mind is also thrown by that phrase from childhood "Hey presto" ... though at the risk of being anti-Italian you could maybe kick your mind into shape on this by the thought that an Italian arriving early is some sort of magic trick. OK, I'll get my coat, cloak, hat, rabbit ......


I can only remember from a wooden furniture cleaner which is called "Pronto stop", which shows that the cleaning will be "Ready"... I don't mean to advertise anything, but this is how I make a diference between these two words.


I think 'really' would be a more accurate translation.


There is no intonation for a question here.


This is a problem with a lot of the spoken questions, I've found.


you arrive early, not so? sounds good to me!


I wrote "Do you arrive early, truly?" and it was marked wrong. There is clearly nothing wrong with it. It is a perfectly accurate translation, and I cannot understand why it was marked wrong.


In English, we don't usually form questions quite like that. To make a question, we can either say "do you arrive early", or say "you arrive early" along with some indication that the statement should be a question. So, you can add a word at the end like "surely, yes, no, right", which would translate to "vero" in Italian. You can also raise the pitch of your voice a little to make a sentence sound like a question.


Sorry, but in England we never say "right" or "true" like this so "yes" should have been accepted.


We say right on in UK on tv crime dramas! Now you're ready!!!


Truly and really? hows Different?

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