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"Jeg behøver tid til at tænke."

Translation:I need time to think.

June 2, 2015



what is the purpose of "til at"? Isn't it redundant?


Nope. The "til" indicates the purpose of the time (sort of like how in English you say "I need time for..." with nouns) and the "at" goes before the infinitive in a lot of cases (again similar to English "to"). They both do mean "to", but they serve different purposes here.


The purpose of “at” preceding the infinitive (except for modal verbs) was explained in Tips and Notes for the Infinitives skill, but not everyone has access to those, depending on the device used to study Duolingo. I can’t say enough about how helpful they are, along with the posts and replies in the Discuss option available for most sentences.


Hun har en andere man.


Dejlig alliteration

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