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  5. "Quantos livros ele tem?"

"Quantos livros ele tem?"

Translation:How many books does he have?

September 30, 2013

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It really sounds like he is saying "eles" not "ele" to me. My ears must be on their way out.


I had the same problem, I could have sworn I heard eles


I have that problem every single time. I always put eles and I even make sure to listen to it a few times


I am terrible at remembering these question words and I never get them right. Could some kind person give me a little tip to make it easier for me to remember them?


Quantos/Quantas = quantity

How many..


How many= quantos how much= quanto


"How many books has he?" Not accepted, yet this is one of several perfectly good british english. I've noticed that "do" is used in abundance, as in "How many books does he have?" which is 'correct' but is used excessively in american english. "Do" may be ok to use these days, but is not necessary at all. In american, they over-use "do" to an extreme level and and often non grammatically. "I do good recently" or They do sports", It does for me" and so on. My issue is that you would think the creators would know english well enough to include original (source) english variations. Its across all five of the courses I'm learning and actually creates more concentration on trying to find the 'correct' version of Duo english than the target language.


Agree with all your points Chris. Just one thing, I wouldn't recommend anyone using "How many books has he?" Nobody speaks that way, put a "got" on the end, and it's perfectly correct, and the most common way to say this in British English.


I replied "How many books has he?" This is how we say it in Ireland. We don't usually add 'got'. Duolingo didn't accept that.


"How many books has he?" is a perfectly reasonable way to translate this. The superfluous "got" is US english.


"Have got" is generally associated with BrE and "do-auxiliary + have" with AmE. The use of auxiliaries "do/does" was once considered an "Americanism" in the early 1900's in Britain.

Modern BrE and AmE use both constructions.


Does "ele tem quantos livros" work aswell?


Yes. It's exactly the same thing.


why 'have" instead of 'has'?


the word "does" implies that it refers to "she" or "he".


The word "does" carries the conjugation.


So, "How many books has he got?" is wrong?


It´s acceptable:

When we are talking about possession, relationships, illnesses and characteristics of people or things we can use either have or have got. The have got forms are more common in an informal style.

Have got has the same meaning as have and both are used as present tenses. Note that have got is NOT the present perfect of get.


I think that any English teacher would tell you that it is wrong; but it is commonly used in everyday, informal speech


It's used in British English While does he have is used in American English


Must the verb (in this case, tem) always come at the end of the question?

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