"Det er pepper."

Translation:It is pepper.

June 2, 2015



Salt, pepper, egg. So many difficult words in a single lesson. Pff. PS sorry the three first words are written in Norwegian. Use your favorite tool to translate.


This or That, what's the difference?


I'm frustrated with my brain confusing DERE DE and DET (Der in German) WTH? Argh!! Det and DERE sound the same to me. Thoughts?


Det and Dere are pronounced completely different. "Dere de" doesn't mean anything.


Oops typo. My brain hurts lol. Any tricks to studying multiple languages?


Focus on only one. If norwegian and german are the ones you're studying, go for norwegian first and then for german. Norwegian is a simplified version of german. You won't learn it in a few weeks. It takes months and lots of patience.


What if I grew up in an English and German speaking household? Which I did. I understand a lot more German naturally. Should I still go for Bokmål first, you think? Thank you for your time and help! You are a big influence to the community and say so many useful thing on here. I wish this existed 30 years ago! If I had started studying at 11......I may be truly multilingual :) Take care!


Yeah, if you already know german, stick to norwegian. Remember, Norway is mess of dialects. Even if you can read anything on a news website and write like a norwegian person, it won't mean that you'll be able to understand what norwegians say. Even norwegians themselves have difficulties understand norwegians from other parts of Norway. If it's difficult for a native, imagine for a non-native. Also, Bokmål is a written dialect. No one speaks bokmål (or nynorsk, for that matter). If you want to have spoken conversations in norwegian, you'll have to think of something, like going to norway and spending some time there.


How is "Er" Prounounced? I hear almost an english "Are"


Too easy, right? :0)


is this black pepper or a capsicum pepper


Black pepper (could be white or red too, but black is the default in Norwegian cuisine).

Capsicums are called "paprika".


That is pepper could be accepted


"That is pepper," is one of the accepted translations.


I'm using google translator to see if I'm pronouncing everything right, but I can't seem to pronounce the word pepper correctly. It seems I said it properly once, when saying 'pepar' is that it?


Use Forvo, it is more reliable. http://forvo.com/


I just used it but there isn't a voice recognition thing :/


You're supposed to search for the pronunciation of these words sepparately and learn by comparing.


How do i know when to use et/en?


In Norwegian, all nouns have a grammatical gender.

'et' is the indefinite article for singular neuter nouns.
'en' is the indefinite article for singular masculine nouns.
'ei' is the indefinite article for singular feminine nouns, but with feminine nouns you also have the option of using the masculine article, 'en'.


Bare hyggelig! :)


Why isn't "this is pepper" accepted? If "det" can mean "that" and "it" why not "this"?


"This is pepper," would be "Dette er pepper."


When they say this how are you supposed to tell if its 'Det er pepper' or 'De har pepper' ?

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