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  5. "Åker du ofta på konferenser?"

"Åker du ofta konferenser?"

Translation:Do you often go to conferences?

June 2, 2015



Shouldn't "Do you go often to conferences" be right?


yes, it should. In English it's a question of emphasis where we put the "often," so this should be correct. I've reported it. Additionally, since we're dealing with Duolingo, we've learned to use the more literal translation when possible, from fear of being wrong when we use more natural sounding English expressions.


This translation is now accepted. :)


I put the same, and was also puzzled why duolingo considered it wrong. :/


Strictly speaking, perhaps, but it sounds jarring in English. I can only hear that in my head with a German accent. :)


It's no more stilted than some of the other English sentences DuoLingo presents. It should be accepted. I've reported it.


Agreed. Infuriating. Sometimes it seems as if duo is at cross-purposes with their intended mission.


Language translation is actually quite difficult. This is why, for example, you see multiple translations of books from one language to another. It is helpful to duo and the community when people point out a new suitable sentence translation, either by making a report, or by posting in the discussions here. You will often see remarks that new translations have been added, including on this page.


I remember "Åker" also means "walk", so I wrote "Do you often walk to conferences". But it marked wrong. Can someone tell me why?


No, it's the other way around - åker means to travel by vehicular means. It never means "walk".


Oh! I was confused between "Åker" and "går".

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