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  5. "Whose hat is this?"

"Whose hat is this?"

Translation:Чия це шапка?

June 2, 2015



Am I missing something about S-V-O order here? Why is it not чия шапка це and only чия це шапка is accepted?


In Ukrainian, the typical order in this type of questions is "Чий/Чия/Чиє це + noun?", different from English.

"Це чия шапка?" is the second most natural sounding.

"Чия шапка це?" is not so common but also valid, I added it just now.


Why is it not "Чия ця шапка?"


I am from Ukraine, and I think "чия це шапка" is correct too.


"ця" in constructions of this type is a standalone subject, not a modifier of "hat"


These sentences are different grammatically.

"Чия це шапка?" = Whose hat is this? -> the subject is "this", "this" can be interchanged with "it" ("Whose hat is it?"), "this" is a pronoun that plays a noun role. An answer to this question: "This is my hat".

"Чия ця шапка?" = Whose is this hat? -> the subject is "this hat", "this" cannot be replaced by "it" ("Whose is it hat?"), "this" is an attribute of "hat", a pronoun that plays an adjective role. An answer to this question: "This hat is mine".


I thought that a шапка was a cap, and a hat was капелюх


Depending on what kind of a hat we're talking about (and it's not clear from the context of a stand-alone question like this one), it could either be called шапка or капелюх by a Ukrainian speaker. Same applies to English speakers.

In this exercise, hat/cap and шапка/капелюх are accepted interchangeably.

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