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"My mother puts a little salt in the rice."

Translation:Minha mãe coloca pouco sal no arroz.

September 30, 2013



I wrote "Minha mãe coloca um pouco sal no arroz.". Is the 'um' really that wrong here?


"...puts little salt" = coloca pouco sal. "... puts a little salt" = coloca UM pouco DE sal. For me that would bebthe best translation.


Ainda está errado em julho 2017... (diz "a little salt" = "pouco sal"). Reportei mais uma vez.


Reported by me as well -- the translation is wrong.


"a little salt" = "UM pouco DE sal" OR "little salt" = pouco sal" (somebody commented this already but I wanted to bump it because the way it is now is just WRONG).


It's still wrong on July 17. Please either remove the A in "a little salt" or change the portuguese translation to "um pouco de sal".


What is "bota", sentence reads "minha mae fica bota pequeno sal no arroz"?


Botar is the popular way for "to put". Where I live we hardly ever use that. Pequeno is used for sizes: este livro é pequeno.


Is it used both for 'put' and 'put on' (to dress up)? I saw "Ela bota as calças" somewhere...


I know this is BP, but can you tell me the most popular way to say "put" in Europe?


Hmm, I think that the English sentence is wrong. It should be "My mother puts little salt in the rice". The "A" should not be there. If the "A" were to be there then I think that there should be something like "BIT OF" right next to it instead, for example: My mother puts a little BIT OF salt in the rice. But in that case the Portuguese phrase would have to be "Minha mãe coloca UM pouco DE sal no arroz." instead.

Anyway, I just thought that I should share my insight. I have already reported the English sentence as unnatural by the way.

I hope I have helped!


It depends, if the exercise is to translate from English into Portuguese or from Portuguese into English. My exercise was the former and the given sentence was "My mother puts a little salt in the rice."


I disagree. Putting little salt in something sounds more general and could be understood more with context, however when someone says they put a little salt in something, it sounds more direct and referring more to an action that is presently taking place, or took place recently


Is pôr wrong, does it have to be coloca?


The correct conjugation is "põe".


My mother puts A LITTLE BIT OF salt in the rice. = Minha mãe põe/coloca um pouco de sal no arroz.

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