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Can I check to see if students' skills are "up-to-date" (not simply completed any time in the past)?

I'm really interested in using this Duolingo for Educators feature in my university courses next year.

Even though the 5-course sequence I teach goes far beyond the skills covered by this app, I am always preaching the importance of reviewing the basics. Many students love this app, and I'd like to offer an extra credit incentive for its use each semester.

I would like to be able to see at the end of every semester, whether a student is regularly reviewing the basics. I don't want to just see a check mark (because they may have completed the entire tree three years ago). I want to know if they are keeping up in their review. If each skill in the tree is "golden" (indicating that it has been mastered recently enough to have not expired), THAT would warrant extra credit.

Is there a way to find this information from the dashboard? Thanks! :)

June 2, 2015



Agreed. I check their cell phones, but also see if they practice. It's quite obvious that they won't have a golden tree if they haven't played for 15 days, for instance. I try to calculate the amount of exp points they have relative to the progress and the time they have been playing. I mean, if they rush through the tree and don't take their time to keep it golden, i'll see a low xp/skill ratio.

Take this example:

Antonio, one of my ESL students, has 36 skills completed with 4910 exp points. Freud, another student of mine with a fake name, has 33 skills and 1949 exp points

Clicking on their names, i can see that antonio basically practises every day while Freud rushed to 33 and then stopped for like 20 days.

With this i can easily guess that Antonio is Golden and Freud is not. i've been using this for quite a while and added myself in my own dashboard to check these ratios. Another very important thing i check is the amount of days they were active. Freud, for instance, started playing on April 21st and spent only 11 days active. That should tell you a lot about how her tree looks like!

Try and play with ratios and you'll realise you can predict this intuitively.

Hope this helped!


Thanks, Silas. This is helpful. I added me and my husband to my "class" for the summer, so I'll spend the next couple of months playing with those ratios like you suggested. Hopefully when the school year starts out, I'll have a pretty good handle on it. :)


I haven't seen any way to tell if the skills are "full strength", but you can see how much XP they have earned for a given time period in each of the skills. Would that serve your purpose?

Edited: Hm. Maybe the specific details only show up one the weekly report that is sent?


Thanks, wstockall. I can't figure out how to view those XP details from the dashboard. I check the box by a student's name and nothing happens - no detailed view of that particular student pops up. I think I might be missing a step...

I don't think those XP details would serve my purpose, though. I might be better off just skipping the dashboard/educator feature and having each student who's interested in the extra credit show me her/his progress on a personal device upon completion of the final exam. It's a little less integrated in the course that way and a little sloppier for me on the record-keeping side of things, but it could work.



Hi there, sorry about the late answer!

You can switch from the view with the circles and checkmarks to a view that shows XP details by clicking the button in the upper right corner. It should show you a table-like view of your students, and if you click on a student row, you will see a detailed list of what the student has been up to on Duolingo. You can see if they completed a lesson for the first time or if they practiced, and how many XP they earned for it.

Here is a screenshot of what that could look like: screenshot of detailed view


There is no official way of seeing someone progress, but some userscripts can show you other user tree, as well as other detailed info in his profile. It does not work with every user, but usually does. Duolingo Stats has such feature and DuoTweak. The latter has description only in russian. More info about Duolingo userscripts you can find in wiki.

BTW: I'm an english learner, so feel free to correct my english. :-)


Thanks much, Mrocznooki. :) I'll play around with the Duolingo Stats. It may end up being more hassle than it's worth for my purposes. I liked the idea of the Duolingo for Educators, but it might not work for me.

Your English is very good! Only two minor corrections: 1. In English, we always capitalize demonyms/languages: Russian (not "russian") and English (not "english"). 2. The second part of your first sentence is awkward. We try to avoid the singular third person pronouns (and possessive adjectives) in circumstances like this one because we don't have any that are gender neutral. You end up having to use awkward constructions, like "his/her." For this reason, we try to use plural pronouns (and possessive adjectives) in the third person because we can use "they," "them," "their." With this in mind, I would restructure your sentence slightly to read, "[...] can show you the trees of other users, as well as other detailed info in their profiles."

I hope that helps! It's probably more information that you were looking for. ;)

I appreciate your feedback! ~ K


Thanks for feedback :-)


Hovering over the Check Mark you usually see will usually give a tool tip that shows the date an time it was completed, however I am unsure If this tells you the first time or recent time, worth giving it a try! Hope it works.

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