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  5. "It is just as far."

"It is just as far."

Translation:Det er lige så langt.

June 2, 2015



i guess "det er bare som langt" doesn't work...?


No, even though that's a literal translation. Bare means just more in the sense of only, as in "I am just looking." Lige, which is related to "like" is used when two things are alike, e.g. the same length.


Why is "Det er kun så langt" wrong?


As bearghest explained in his post - https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/34675956/Bare-vs-Kun

Lige, means Just as you. In order to express the similiarities between two objects or persons. Kun, is usually used in terms of "Only", There were Only / Just two cakes. The danes use Kun usually in numbers. Bare, is used to express, for instance, I "just" like that.

Note, that in negative sentences you should not use Kun, but Bare.


Det er lige sa vaek?? is this ok

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