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Working Vocabulary?

The internet said the average native English speaker's day to day vocabulary is around 10000 words but in Mandarin Chinese the working vocabulary is roughly 3000.

What is the recommended survival vocabulary for Spanish speakers?

What is the recommended working vocabulary for Spanish speakers?

same question for the other languages as well?

Cheers Rusty

September 30, 2013



"The internet said" You gotta be more specific than that.


Fortunately, this is not an APA style question. Feel free to guess based on your native language.


I searched online also, and the amount of vocabulary varied a lot. In fact, the numbers ranged from 10,000 to 60,000 which are very different numbers. It would be interesting to know really what the average is.


I've seen reports differ more than that. I've even read that most teenagers have a working vocabulary of around 250 words. That's a study where I question why anyone ever believed it...

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