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Irish help

I need your edvice should I devot a day to each language or do as many as I can a day? Or each week do a different language starting with Irish?

June 2, 2015



Personally, I like to focus on one language so I don't confuse myself and can focus more on it. If you want to learn two at once, I would suggest trying to do each one daily, so you can learn better. Try to do each one for up to half an hour a day, perhaps one language in the morning and one at night. It doesn't have to be learning, you can just strengthen or look over what you have already learned and then learn new things when you have time like on weekends. Try to give more attention to things or the language you find harder.


i personally would do a day. : )


I say thank you for all your help


do what ever you feel like is fun to do at the time and go with that, have fun don't make it a job you won't like what it becomes and you will give up but stick with the Irish first that shows skills in learning a language its right up there with learning some of the toughest languages to learn go luck


thank you for you help

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