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  5. "La kato kaptas fiŝon."

"La kato kaptas fiŝon."

Translation:The cat catches a fish.

June 2, 2015



With the lack of any indefinie article, is there a better way to distenguish between 'the cat catches a fish' vs 'the cat cafches fish'?


You mean the plural form?

The cat catches a fish. = La kato kaptas fiŝon.

The cat catches fish. = La kato kaptas fiŝojn.

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Interesting question, but there is also ambiguity in "The cat catches fish" Does it mean "The cat is fishing, or The cat catches several fish? For the first one I would say "La kato fiŝkaptas" and for the second " La kato kaptas (plurajn) fiŝojn.


Oh great, now I'm starting to spell cat with a "k".


I guess i forgot that 'fish' can be singular or plural :P


The "animals" chapter suddenly exploded with vocabulary. I'm fine with that, but the teacher in me thinks that perhaps introduction could be more gradual, at least by levels within the chapter.


Why isn't the verb "to fish" accepted as an answer. The translation of this sentence could be, "the cat fishes"


Leonard, I would say that the sentence means specifically "the cat catches a fish". There is a verb for fishing, "fiŝkapti", so if you wanted to say that, you would say "La kato fiŝkaptas".

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Subakva, neniu povas aŭdi vin meow.

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