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  5. "Де вони зараз? Вдома."

"Де вони зараз? Вдома."

Translation:Where are they now? At home.

June 2, 2015



I'm wondering if this sentence has a future tense in it. Otherwise there is nothing wrong in it.


What do you mean?


This sentence is in the Future tense lesson. What I understand, it is in present tense. Also in the Paste tense lessons there are sentences in present tense (can't remember if I reported them or just commented).

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Even though it's in present tense, "вдома" was introduced in this lesson, so it makes sense for this sentence to be in here.


Oh, I didn't know that. Yes, it is present


There doesn't appear to be any lessons in the tree/lesson plan for the Locative case. The word Вдома would have been a good word to introduce in such a lesson subject.

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