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"The roots need a lot of water."

Translation:Rødderne behøver meget vand.

June 2, 2015



There was another question where "a lot of" had to be translated with "meget af". Not sure why that isn't used here.


Mange was not accepted. What is the difference from the grammatic point of view?


"Mange" is used for countable or plural collective nouns:
"Hvor mange penge?" = How much money (lit. How many monies?)
"Der er mange køer" = There are many cows

"Meget" is for uncountable nouns and to describe the degree of an adjective
"Meget vand" = A lot of water
"Hun er meget smuk" = She is very beautiful

Here, "vand" is an uncountable noun, and so takes "meget"


So, similar to the distinction between much and many in English, then.

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Rødderne trænger til meget vand. I do not understand, why this is wrong.


why not masser af vand?

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