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  5. "I am taking my clothes off."

"I am taking my clothes off."

Translation:Jeg tar av meg klærne.

June 2, 2015



Damn how did duolingo know


Literal translation being "I am taking off me the clothes"?


Indeed, though not the most natural-sounding one.


Yeah but it makes sense when you reorder it in normal English sentence - I'm taking the clothes off me. Which, BTW, I've written in Norwegian in that order and it's of course wrong.


Thank you. This helps tremendously.


How come we use "meg" here instead of "mine" (klærne mine)?


Literal translation appears to be I take clothes off myself


I would argue that to be strictly correct, the Norwegian needs "mine" in there, because "my" indicates possession. "Jeg tar av meg klærne" literally means "I take off of myself the clothes", and although it might be expected that they are "my" clothes, that's not necessarily true. Say I'm in a store's dressing room trying on clothes. When I'm done, I might say "I'm taking off the clothes" (Jeg tar av meg klærne). But to truly indicate that I am taking my clothes off, I would have to say "Jeg tar av meg klærne mine" (or "Jeg tar av meg mine klær").


"Jeg tar klærne av meg." - Would that work?


Yes, but "Jeg tar av meg klærne" is the more common word order.


why is "jeg tar av meg mine klærne" wrong? The "mine" was marked red. I understood "tar av meg"= taking off so the "my clothes" should be "mine klærne"


"mine klær" or "klærne mine"


Do I need the "meg" after the "tar av". Hab das glaube ich nie so gehört...


Sorry, I'm mixing too many languages: "I've never heard that before." Was I trying to say.


Er det en måte å bruke ordet "kler" i denne setningen?


Why is it wrong to say: "Jeg trar av klærne mine"?


First, you misspelled "tar" as "trar", but maybe that is just a typo here. Second, you left out "meg". The verb "tar av" wants a reflexive pronoun here, so you must say "tar av meg", meaning "take off from myself". The possessive "mine" is optional and usually omitted (it is assumed that you are taking off your own clothes). In contrast, in English it is usually the reflexive pronoun that is assumed and omitted, not the possessive. So we say "I am taking off [from myself] my clothes" (omitting the "from myself", but specifying the possessive).

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