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Esperanto reading for beginners

Hi there, I'm about half way through the tree so I went looking for something to read. I found I was able to understand most of the beginners' reader, Vere aŭ Fantazie, by Claude Piron.

Give it a go! http://en.lernu.net/biblioteko/rakontoj/vere_aux_fantazie/

June 2, 2015



Really shocked at the amount that I could translate! This website also has this amazing feature where you can click on the words and it will give you a direct translation from Esperanto to English!

[deactivated user]

    I used that one in book form as my first reader. Remember paper books? ;-)

    It's really good.


    Paper books? Are they like . . . . um . . . scrolls? (Kidding, of course)

    [deactivated user]

      Yes! They were invented because cave walls are too heavy to carry around! ;-)


      I would also highly recommend 'Gerda Malaperis' (Gerda disappeared) from the same author - Claude Piron. It is written specifically for language learners. The first chapter contains very few words, then the next chapter re-uses those words and introduces some new ones and so forth. The story is a mystery/crime novella. It's easy enough for beginners, it's the first book I read. It is available for free both in text and in audio, which I find great to practice your listening skills, on the same website : http://en.lernu.net/kursoj/gerda_malaperis/index.php


      Oh, I read (with great difficulty!) the first one of those a while back and then forgot about them. Will be interesting to see how much easier it will be now. Dankon!


      Does anyone know if it's possible to download these in mobi or pdf format? I can read them on my tablet/computer, but would love to have them on my Kindle.

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