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  5. "The girl does not love us."

"The girl does not love us."

Translation:Jenta elsker oss ikke.

June 2, 2015



Wait, so I've been reading some articles on Norwegian, and I've found that Bokmal isn't even commonly spoken. Would I be able to have a conversation in Bokmal with someone if I went to Norway?


The short answer is yes.


Takk, but, how would people react? Would I be looked at as strange?


Not at all!

Our lovely robot lady speaks something close to østlandsdialekt, which is commonly spoken in and around Oslo. Easily understood, and not strange sounding at all.

Just don't mimic her pronunciation of 'juice' or 'avis', and you're good!. ;)


Thanks a lot for this reply! I'm level 8 already and ive been wondering this the whole time! XD


Bare hyggelig!

You can read more about both Standard Østnorsk and the written style guide we follow in this thread.


Bokmål refers to the writing only doesn't it?


That is correct.


I typed it in as "Jenta elsker ikke oss" and still got it right. Does it not matter where the negative goes?


It does matter, the negation word goes after the verb in Norwegian. You were right! :) But, if you wrote Jenta ikke elsker oss, it would be wrong.


Why is "jenta elsker oss ikke" a correct answer here in multiple choice? Isn't that wrong?


As long as it's placed after the verb in that sentence, it's fine. One way, however, (ikke oss) is implying that she doesn't love us, but she does love someone else. Saying it the other way (oss ikke) is more normal. I got corrected by someone on this a while ago. :)


Interesting, thank you!


I wrote 'Jenta ikke elsker oss' (and got it wrong, which i see why now) But it said the correct answer is: 'Jenta er ikke glad i oss'. And I don't even remember learning part of that before this lesson

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